Tuesday, October 07, 2008

the scared man...His hero

He never had a problem staring an issue in the face...All kinds...Personal, Professional.

He only once had shied away from facing an issue in the 32 years of his life.

He got a message from someone, that a person close to him, one who played an important role in my life in my formative years was seriously ill, on the death bed. Every one knew it was a matter of time.

The person was a hero for him, It was important that he saw him once, be around and may be even help if something was required.

He tried being around, he definitely helped with whatever he could with in his limited means.

He somehow could not make himself take the long journey and spend more time with his Hero. He was scared, he did not want to see his hero helpless, he always had a macho image of his hero in his mind, heart and psyche.

A hero is a hero...for ever...no matter what others feed you about a hero...your hero will always be one...in your mind, heart and psyche.

Have a hero, Try becoming one too!

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