Saturday, October 11, 2008

How much should we respect our near ones...

Last few years have been a great learning for me. I tend to observe relationships around me very minutely and am able to comprehend minor changes in their outlook and over all progress.

I recently saw a young man get into an addiction in spite of the collective wisdom and diktat of many of his colleagues, friends, parents warning against it. Eventually i also saw his parents cry, plead and beg to no avail.

This was the latest incident, one that i experienced prior to that could be a complete shocker for some of us. A person trying to act as if she is sacrificing her life for the happiness of her parents and sister to cover her deeds and blaming a close friend for it wholely and squarely to save her face.

Most decisions do not take into account the respect one has for near and dear ones. It comes forth much later and is evident only in hindsight.

I am sure both these persons and many of us who make the mistake of not respecting our near ones and letting ourselves off the hook when it comes to sharing the blame and troubling others need to introspect and think.

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