Monday, December 13, 2010

The rewarded me - By my junk mail folder! :)

I got a new office laptop few weeks back and have been setting things up over the last few days. The most important app for mid-level folks like us is the email application. Because of this “transition”(Doesn’t it sound BIG now!) I haven’t been able to keep a tab on the junk mail. I write this piece after I have “SHIFT Deleted” all my junk mails of over a month. Out of curiosity and a nice lazy break after lunch I ensured I at least glanced thru few interesting ones!

I realized in those five minutes that I spent on the junk mail folder that:-

  • I have Become a Millionaire, because someone in Africa wants me to take up a lot of their wealth into my Account!
  • A lady called Preethi (or whatever, what’s in the name after all) wants me to become a “Wealthy Trader”
  • BMW has decided to give me GBP 850,000 (hope I got all the zeroes there!)
  • Jasmine wants to help me “take my business online at ZERO cost”
  • Further down I find that Neha also wants to help me “take my business online at ZERO cost” (spoilt for choice, isn’t it?)
  • An ingenious seller wants me to “Get 500 Premium Business Cards for only $3.99!”
  • Sujata wants me to join a workshop in Mumbai!
  • …..
  • ..

Then I see an unread mail from the most important person in my life, I leave my time of 5 minutes where all these people want me to do something - buy, sell, attend a training, workshop, it’s all there!

I get back to work and into my real life. Boss calling, Wife messaging – Did you…, did you…, did you….kind of tough isn’t it! Everyone wants you to do something. Let’s do it!

No offense meant, none intended!

BTW do you spend these 5 minutes on your junk mail folder, every once in a while….Have a great read!