Friday, November 05, 2010

Blackberry and a 6 year old boy @ Calangute Beach in Goa

On a recent trip to Goa, i was standing outside a small shop about 1/2 km before hitting the Calangute beach in Goa. While my better half was trying out some nail paint and other stuff, i was with the proprietors son Kenaz, a 6 year old boy. As is usual i got a call from the office and i seized the moment to attend it since i was standing away from the prying eyes of some one who had warned me to keep off the calls, while on vacation!
Kenaz spotted the Blackberry in my hand and was quick to speak up and asked to see it. He asked me if there are games in it. I said no games its an office phone. The next question was whether it's a touch screen, before i could answer, Kenaz had found out and nodded his head as if answering to himself. With in the next 10 minutes Kenaz had got on to the net, tried almost all the key features, gone in and downloaded some free app from the Blackberry site.
I was zapped and while i took away the Blackberry from his hands as i prepared to leave, he mentions to his mother that uncle has a Blackberry and while reluctantly letting the device go out of his hands also makes a point that he tried quite a few things.
My mind went back to people whom we encounter almost every other day who whine and crib about not having enough training and experience for them to be able to use technology and tools better, well here's a 6 year old who most likely never has seen a Blackberry, was able to explore all the major features - No Training and No experience!