Saturday, May 07, 2005

A new coach for the men in blue!

Another coach for the men in blue would soon take over from John Wright. I for one believe that Wright did a few things right and a few things wrong. He indeed brought in a flavour of team spirit amongst the individual members. The team also began looking beyond the genius of one man trying to take the burden of a billion people - Sachin Tendulkar.

The things that Wright could not make a difference on were the team’s ability to loose a contest from a winning position - Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. This has been the bane of the team and there are n number of instances where the team has given up advantageous positions only to be defeated and humiliated later - Case in point the test series against the Pakistanis.

The new coach will have to make changes to the attitude of the players, make them stronger - physically, mentally both and ensure the shrug off the label of chokers.

So be it Dino the professor or Tom Moody or Greg Chappell or Dave Whatmore, it’s a tough job and hopefully we will see a successful tenure for the coach and the captain.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Mumbai - Is it still the safest?

Few years back, i would fight with friends in arguments over Mumbai being the safest place in the country especially for women. Couple of incidents in the last 2 years have turned all arguments upside down. A woman in rags raped in front of passengers in a local train late at night last year was the last nail in the coffin. As if that was not enough we have another incident involving a cop.

During a discussion with a close friend, we discussed this and what my friend told me speaks volumes for the change that Mumbai and perhaps a lot of other places are seeing. He told me this & i quote " Naresh, you have always been wrong when it came to places, remember after spending 3 years in Gujarat, you used to tell us how much you loved the place and the people, look what happened there and now Mumbai, after all your arguments about it being the safest place in India".

I have decided to make no more arguments about places and people from now on!