Thursday, November 08, 2007

Those half read books

I have been trying to read Stephen Hawking's A brief history of time since September, but haven't yet moved beyond 40%. Come to think of it, this is not the first time i picked up a book and did not complete it. I also see this happening more often since the last 1 year.

Is it the author or the reader that is at fault? Stupid question, its the reader who paid for the book in the first place and is now unable to read through the complete passage.

Need to think of better reasons and also try and complete the remaining 60% of the book sooner!

A new wave, but....

I see a lot of young professionals coming in to the organizations both big and small. Yes there seems to be a lot of confidence there. I see a very "laid back, things will come to us on their own" kind of attitude from many of the younger colleagues. This worries me a lot, if this continues, would we one day see a reversal of growth and fortunes, will the India story that is so much in the hands of the younger generation fade away?

Questions and more questions, i wish not and i am sure the ethos of hard work, laced with smart thinking and longer term views rather than short term biases will see a change and corporate leaders and managers would need to bring in these changes rapidly too at least with in their environments.