Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why would Apple Sue Samsung

Recent report on the net that has caught attention is on the new of Samsung being sued by Apple.

One time partners (vendor-supplier) it seems like something gone wrong in the short term since Samsung was the one manufacturing the chips that went into the iphone and the ipad.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

My fast...

My fast in support of Anna Hazare and his cause against corruption! Watch the video for the message!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Anna Hazare's fast against corrupt

I am often reminded of my innocent days as a young class X student, when i decided to go to the tahsildar office to get my domicile certificate. For some reason my mostly encouraging father was against the idea of me going alone and kept insisting that he would go and get the certificate himself when he finds time. I still wanted to go on my own and see that i fill the forms and get the certificate in time, so decided to go alone. To my horror the kind of elaborate arrangement that i found in the place, well entrenched and systemically processized was unbelievable. There was a price for everything, if you wanted something with in a day, you had to pay a certain price. The prices varied with the service, all this under the nose of the District Administration. I felt my growing up well and truly began that day, subsequently many such incidents made me cringe and pity, some times feel frustrated, many a times had arguments, at times got abused in return for asking questions.

I can relate to the feeling of frustration that Anna Hazare is reflecting through his fast, just that his patience and demeanor are not the same as me. I am an ordinary guy, who has a day job to do to be able to support his family, who can only log on and post a write up on the net, but cannot stand up to it beyond his own sphere of influence. For many of us now this is institutionalized since my recent experience of buying and registering my house let me in to a well kept secret, i was asked to pay legal charges by my builder, that at least in part i am sure were anything but legal charges and most likely meant to grease the palms of some fat bureaucrat and in turn support a shameless local politician. I respect you a great deal, keep the movement going, may be one of the days, some one like me would be able to join, till then i will do my best, will write about it, tell others about the movement and make my small contribution. Jai Ho!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sir. SACHIN TENDULKAR..Take a bow!

India won the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 on the night of April 02nd 2011, the scenes around were something that most of us would not be able to forget for the rest of our lives! The excitement was palpable and the celebrations gave us a sense of glory and most people felt good about the achievement especially considering the muck that we have gotten used to seeing around us courtesy our politicians, administrators.

A scene that made itself unforgettable for me was that of Sachin being carried by his team mates on their shoulders around the stadium. It was the reflection of true respect and love for a team member and a senior pro in the game. For a person who has achieved so much in a competitive team sport to have the kind of relationship he has been able to have with his team members and others at large is commendable and reflects the attitude, passion and human element of the great Sachin Tendulkar. Take a bow Mr. Tendulkar, you just added another admirer to the list of millions you already had!