Friday, October 03, 2008

3 Animals in my life! all females :)

I often joked with friends that the only female that had ever entered my bedroom during some of the most exciting times of my adult life was the friendly female cockroach that came for her night time adventures starting with the kitchen thru the dining room and into the bedroom.

Much has happened over the years, there is now a rat/mouse (a huge one), that comes often and tried to seek an entry thru a small opening next to the wash basin. It is brave and determined and has absolutely no fear of the various attempts i have made to shoo it off. The battle carries on between the two of us - each considering never giving up each others turf come what may!

My neighbours dog does not love me at all, its probably smart too. I sometimes late in the night get a feeling that is exactly knows when to bark aloud and disturb me so i loose sleep for 2-3 hours of the total of 4-5 hours of sleep that i usually yearn for.

In the days of PS2 and the Internet, i sometimes feel happy to be getting an opportunity to play games with my nemesis in real life - a female cockroach, rat, dog.

PS:- I am not too sure if all three are females, but given my past history and data from older transactions, i firmly believe that they are all females, else why would someone keep bugging me constantly and consistently :)

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