Friday, March 18, 2005

Sachin Tendulkar - 10,000 & not out

Oye, 'Chin out ho gaya oye!!! shouted a brash, young Sardar. In frenzy 2 bengali's, 1 maharashtrian, 2 gujratis, 3 south indians rushed to check the tv screen in front of the hotel counter. I truly do not remember any other instance where a player can create this kind of frenzy. A lot has been written about Sachin Tendulkar's batting, his presence of mind on the cricket field and over all cricketing acumen, but this is one thing that probably cannot be written enough about and that is the unifying quality of his game that brings together people of different strata's in life.

If cricket is truly a religion in india, then Sachin Tecdulkar is probably its GOD!

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Neelakantan said...

Tendlya is probably the only person I know who everybody loves. The only person who shares his iconic status is probably Amitabh Bachchan!