Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The old & cautious me

It’s been almost 5 years but the incident remains fresh in my mind to date.
It was a nice cold evening in B’lore and a couple of us friends got together that evening had a nice chat and came back to talk a little more near a local temple in BTM 2nd stage. A drunkard appeared to have lost sense after a grandiose dose of whatever seemed like his favourite drink. We engrossed ourselves in our discussions and suddenly the drunkard got a feeling that we were teasing/abusing him. He started abusing us in return and one of our friends gave it back to him and whisked him away. The drunkard swore he would be back and teach us a lesson, we really did not bother.

After a few minutes, the drunkard came back with another person – a 16-17 year old boy. The boy started hitting our friend who had argued with the drunkard after he was pointed at by the drunkard. We tried to stop him, but could not till one of the stronger guys in our group caught hold of the boy. The drunkard meanwhile took off his belt and started hitting me, I took 2-3 light blows on my hands. During the whole incident, I was unusually calm and quite, I was actually thinking rationally and was in my senses, did not loose temper.

I was never like that, I was very aggressive and that incident just brought to light the big change that had come in my life. I have been involved in many a brawls during my school and college days. I might have broken a few bones as well, but this was so different. Even today I am unable to attribute this change to one single thing. Was it age and maturity, was it education, was it the company I had been keeping over the last few years, was it just another change in my personality? Perhaps none of these, perhaps all of these!

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Neelakantan said...

Having been a part of this incident, I am not sure why we reacted how we did.
Was it because our upbringing was different, was it our education or was it just maturity? Was it just being sensible or as you chose to say, was it just a mix of all these...