Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Cheats every where!!!!!

Am being too harsh I guess, but when we look around, every one around here is trying to fleece you for something or the other.The feeling of you being used, abused and sometimes taken for a ride comes very strongly. Whether you are fleeced by an auto rickshaw driver, a vegetable vendor, a real estate broker, a cable operator, a mobile phone agent, the list is endless. The common theme is every one is trying to make more money by working less. Each one wants to take advantage of your lack of choice in most cases, ignorance, lack of knowledge and some times a plain simple weakness and desperation.

I guess I too am part of that crowd, at times I am a victim, at times I am the one who is on the wrong side of things, like now. I am supposed to work, but I am busy writing these 6 lines for my blog. I guess every one is in the same boat, depends on which waters you prefer sailing

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