Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sania Mirza - The next big thing in Indian sports or what?

For all of us who are heaping praise after praise on an 18 year old who hasn't achieved 10% of what the likes of Krishnan's, Amritraj's, Paes, Bhupathi have done in the past is plain stupid.
Like always we get carried away with small flashes of brilliance and we don't even want to wait for the results to show up.

At best Sania Mirza deserves a column or two on the sports pages describing her journey from the first to the third round in the Australian open, but here we have pages dedicated to some one who has not won a single tournament of repute. I am fine with all this praise after Sania has won a grandslam or has even entered the last 4 (semi finals of a major tournament).

Till then i guess i will just try and keep away from the news papers and television channels that are going overboard to praise Sania Mirza!!!

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