Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Infrastructure - our biggest hurdle today

The roads are narrow, there is hardly any space to maneuver more than a mid sized car with out causing a tiny traffic jam. In spite of obvious reasons to stop further development (industrial, residential both) in already cramped areas of the town, there is in fact a string of large complexes coming up in the same areas.

The administration should learn from the mistakes of cities like Mumbai, where excessive aggregation in certain areas (and of course regulations like the ULCA, Rent act) have rendered the place inhabitable. Places like Bangalore will be able to do a lot of these adjustment and remove the strain on the already stressed infrastructure. These are of course actions that can help prevent things in the future. The real problem at hand today is what can be done now to ease the already worsening situation. The answer is of course build better, wider roads and the mantra is to build it fast. There are flyover bridges being built for the last 2-3 years, nowhere in the world does one see such inefficiency and lethargy at work.

If B'lore wants to retain its place on the world map as the silicon valley of the east, it better compete with the likes of S'pore and Shanghai, rather than rot itself in its fading past glory.

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