Sunday, August 22, 2004

Marriages are made in heaven!!!

I will be 30 years old in the next few years and am still single. A fact that I have absolutely no problems with, my parents and other family members have reconciled to. There are, though, a good number of people who find it really difficult to digest the fact that I am about to be 30 and still single.

I have been thinking on this for the last one year as to why marriage and getting married at a certain age is so important in our(Indian) society and culture. The larger question I was seeking an answer to was who sets this norm. There are no specific answers I got for these and many other questions that I had, from different sources that I tried my luck with. To me the right time to get married is when you are mentally ready for it, ready to accept someone in your life with whom you can share every single pain and joy alike. This to me involves a completely different level of maturity and it comes with experience and of course age. The time each individual takes to attain this maturity is different and hence the norm or age at which most people get married cannot be a static number. It has to be a range of certain number of years, if at all someone was hell bent on putting across an ideal time to get married. I am even against fixing any such ideal time, because it is against the very principle of freedom and an individuals rights. The society cannot use any of these theories in our culture to pressurize individuals in to taking important decisions of their lives. The more we pressurize individuals to take such decisions against their minds higher is the risk of those decisions being wrong and prone to failure. Just let people live in peace single or married, let them decide for themselves.

We often hear that marriages are made in heaven. If marriages are made in heaven I am sure there are a whole lot of other relations and friendships that are made in heaven. If god was so kind to find the right partner for you and me, he(she) would have also taken the next step and saved you the time and effort of actually searching for one. I have seen friends and relatives search for their brides/grooms when they got married and I never got a semblance of these marriages being made in heaven. If at all they were made some where, it was mother earth. The people who made them were people like you and me, just human and not gods.

If marriages are made in heaven then we are all gods and goddesses and we are living in heaven.

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sagar said...

My supporting statement is, if marriages are made in heaven then are divorces made in hell or what !!!