Thursday, August 19, 2004

Friends are forever!!!

Small incidents are enough to change one's life and each one of us has this one little incident to narrate that completely changed our lives. I often think about any of those incidents that could have changed my life and I mostly drew a blank till about a few years ago.

What happens when one looks back at say a span of 10-12 years of one's life is strange, just strange. You look up on and ponder up on all those missed opportunities you could have had, those new and great friends that you never made, those stupid people with whom you ended up spending a whole lot of time against your wishes and so on. Then there are those few nice and special moments that just come in front of your eyes as if they happened just about yesterday. Most of those incidents to me are about my near and dear friends. I firmly believe that whatever I achieved in life in spite of lots of false starts is due to some of my friends and of course support from my near and dear family members. One could discount the support of family members because one could say it is their responsibility to support their son/brother/nephew etc. What keeps me awake sometimes is the feeling would I have been able to achieve all this with out the support of my friends. Many of them went out of their way to help me, many of them did their best to make sure I am comfortable, many of them shared every joy of their life with me as if I am one of their own family members.

I have been advising a whole lot of people on what to do in life, what would be the right kind of job for them and so on. With all the professional advice I have provided to tens of people I always top it up with one advice and that is if you want to become some one great, make sure you have great friends to help you do that.

Thank you all my friends!

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