Thursday, August 19, 2004

India's yet another dismal performance @ the Olympics

It was not unexpected for most of us though. Indian athletes, barring a handful of them have once again shown why we are the worst performers in sports on an inernational stage.

There are a lot of reasons being offered on the poor performance of our athletes in Athens. I have heard every possible reason starting with lack of funds to poor infrastructure and non scientific means of selection. I just wonder if this is well and truly responsible for such a dismal performance. May be we are just too soft a nation to compete in the kind of sports that are part of the modern Olympics.

We are pobably good or even better than that in things like catching a running train/bus, spitting and spoiling public places and complaining about anything and everything but doing nothing about it.

Just beats me, I was different few years back, guess i too have become part of the "culture". Helpless and quite, tired and tame, busy and bad.

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