Thursday, September 30, 2010

Do we really care anymore...Ayodhya verdict

Do we really care anymore? It's been decades since the controversial issue of temple first or mosque first came out in the open. Political parties since have tried to milk the issue for their own benefit and that without doubt lies in the single-minded pursuit of power. The pinnacle of this pursuit came to the fore with fabled Rath Yatra that a certain Mr. L K Advani resorted to sometime in the early 90s. This party was able to increase their tally in the parliament and gradually seize power towards the later part of the 90s. They never seemed much interested in the temple anyways while in power at the national level for more than 6 years!

The other principal political party has always been indulging in the politics of appeasement. Today in 2010 as i sit home on a forced holiday, my mind wanders back to the time when i similarly sat home as a young boy when the alleged mosque was brought down by a bunch of over enthusiasts.

I ask myself how is this question - temple first or mosque first more significant or relevant today than say the question of chicken first or the egg first. Get me my chicken first, will ya? :)

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