Friday, August 06, 2010

Mr. Kalmadi - Did we deserve this game?

When the story broke on one of the news channels, I was of the opinion that it could be a small time scam where at best a few lakhs have been squandered off by some selfish babus. Well it turns out Mr. Kalmadi and party have had other things on mind. In a blatant deed, they have looted the country and its public of thousands of crores. Common Wealth Games are now “Come-on Wealth Games” for some.

The disgrace that this has caused the country is paramount and the dare devil Mr. Kalmadi was brazen enough to raise his voice at the press saying he would sue them for defamation, and was also open to any enquiry.

I am certain that Mr. Kalmadi would be able to prove that he was not the perpetrator of all this misappropriation of funds, but even if one assumes his innocence what the heck was he doing while his folks were screwing the country of all this money.

On the charge of accountability, Dear Mr. Kalmadi you must take the blame and therefore at least step down!

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