Monday, May 03, 2010

2 Birthdays & me :)

There is someone in my life with 2 Birthdays.

An official one and a real one!

Imagine the amount of effort one has to put in to remember just one Birthday and now try figuring out how does one deal with two.

Last year I almost(?) forgot the real birthday and it was only after prodding and taunting on “what is today’s date” did I make a calculated guess and saved the day (rather night) for myself.

This year was no different, as usual all my aids and means used for remembering birthdays failed me on that fateful day, I forgot once again and there it was the questions on “what is today’s date?” started with a smily J and ended with a frown L.

Next year I will be watchful, the reminders have been set in 3 different places, hopefully all 3, if not at least one of them should come to my rescue.

Till then, Wish you a very happy birthday and have a great year ahead, K!!!

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