Wednesday, April 28, 2010

IPL - Greed, Ego, Arrogance and Lalit Modi

My interest in cricket has almost got to a point of no return after the match fixing scandal some years ago. It was only the odd Sachin Tendulkar innings or a great performance by one of the Indian players that would invoke some interest.

The IPL changed it to a fair extent and i feel the way the product was packaged and marketed was phenomenal. Lalit Modi was the guy who almost single handed created this product and marketed and lived it right thru. Somewhere down the line Lalit Modi became (well it seems he always was!) arrogant and egoistic. He probably was taking the IPLs succcess to his head. This ego, greed, arrogance led to Lalit Modi's downfall and the sad exit in the form of a suspension.

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