Friday, January 15, 2010

Is it not yet a case of racism - Aussies bashing up Indians in Australia?

The Indian governments response to the ongoing crisis is surprisingly muted and it seems to be soft considering the grave nature of the crisis. Its apparently been over 400 attacks on Indians in the last one year, an attack every single day?

Is it a clear case of racism, the happenings certainly suggest so and i am sure there are always two sides to a story but this one from Australia seems to be a lot more clear and convincing.

The Australian media has been reporting in a fair manner for the large part on the issue and the reports do tend to suggest a lot of things being wrong.

The Indian government must take it up a lot more strongly with its Australian counterparts and also bring out a lot more pressure through the common wealth as well as the UN.

Mr. Krishna and Mr. "Twitter" Tharoor, your attention please. Get safety for our students and citizens in Australia, FAST!

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