Tuesday, December 29, 2009

touching lives...

Recently attended a course on performance engagement skills from a really affable trainer. The course was good and I was able to interact with colleagues from different backgrounds, lines of business etc. One of the aspects that I was part of as a side discussion was the fact that there is a scope for each one of us to touch lives in some form or the other, however small, in whatever tasks we are involved in.

At times this means volunteering to help someone without they asking for it, at times it means sharing your feedback in an open manner truthfully with the facts laid out and helping someone to improve. All of this needs courage, more importantly it requires time too. Can each one of us spend the required amount of time, well may be not, but we can definitely make an attempt to create and carve out pockets on our busy schedule that can be dedicated to helping others, touching lives!

A youngster on my team today morning walked up to me and said they would like to teach English to the facilities staff who have expressed their desire to learn English, my eyes lit up and I felt happy and mentioned of my support to it wholeheartedly. Again touching lives!

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