Monday, September 14, 2009

Tough times...Tough decisions(?)

Almost all of us go through difficult times, at different stages in our careers and lives!

The important thing is that each one of us has a different way of looking at problems, creating solutions, managing emotions, fighting temptations to give up mid course, sacrificing value/value system, focusing on the immediate gains like money, giving up self respect etc… there are a host of things.

What defines the decisions that we make during these tough times?

From my personal experiences of many(J) such incidents, events is that we typically are driven by the following:-

a. Upbringing and the values that are imbibed on the “young” mind

b. Events that have shaped one’s thinking

c. Maturity in thought processes

d. An attitude to be revengeful, bite back with a vengeance after one has been bitten!

e. Company/Circle of influence

f. How far is one from the saturation point, peak load when the point of breakage is close!

g. A mind that is easily swayed by the “bucks” - $$$

I can quote examples where people have failed to live up to expectations, I too have been a victim at times of believing into someone, at times knowing that the person next to you is trying to con you into something, we have gone thru and suffered. It ideally is the case because we just got swayed by one of the above points.

I keep getting butchered by friends and family about my lack of understanding on money matters, I always promise them that next time I would take care, it’s been 32 years now and I still am the same when it comes to my thoughts on money – Once an idiot… goes the saying!

The only solace one can have is one has never had to lie, trouble someone, lose self respect for money and hope it remains that way…forever!

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