Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Being ahead of the rest...As a team

India won the recent Nehru cup and the teams effort was evident in the event.

Lot of things went into getting to the hat trick and every member of the team has contributed significantly in his own way.

The most important aspect of this success is that the team played around one or two of them, essentially “play makers” and contributed to the strategy. Each member had a role defined, the team members played their roles to the word and when a team is able to do this, it’s highly unlikely that the team would have a result any different than what the Indian Football team saw as part of the Nehru Cup.

Wayne Gretzky is another example that comes to mind. Wayne was a super player who could anticipate where the puck would be and place himself there in advance! Great player, but a lot of his hits were successful because someone would help with a pass at the right place at the right time and that is team play.

Team play is a key and therefore far more crucial than it could possibly be in these tough times when each one of us is required to sacrifice a little bit of self, for the larger good of the team. This applies to all walks, whether you are a manufacturer, a manager, a teacher, a community volunteer etc. The power of team play is evident and visible in many forms.

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