Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Women's Day - Women Rule - Every day, Everywhere & Every time

The fact that women rule is evident every day, everywhere and every time. In my case for example, I was supposed to write this blog yesterday evening/night. Two women who rule my life did not desire so and there you go I had to scribble this today morning in 10 minutes between 2 update meetings with the team!

I look around and am filled with admiration for the talent and application that women around me demonstrate day in and day out. They are masters when it comes to multitasking – several of my women colleagues have to juggle multiple responsibilities and the ease with which they manage to do this without ever losing focus is not only commendable but also something worth emulating.

They can listen better than their male counterparts – several examples come to mind where women managers around me have shown tremendous patience and listening skills to put another colleague to ease in tough situations.

There are many situations @ work that require one to look for alternatives and options, I have always found women colleagues far more open to new suggestions and options and this I believe is a wonderful trait that can help one thrive in today’s tough times.

Impact and outcome are amongst my more commonly used words, they mean a lot in today’s business environment, I find women a lot more focused on the impact and outcome of their initiatives and this is something they are able to demonstrate without having to try hard.

I associate a proactive approach with the basic tenets of professionalism, a large number of my women colleagues are able to demonstrate pro-activeness in a manner that would make it seem like its second nature to them.

Being well organized and having a plan in place is many a times as good as getting half the work done, even before you begin! Our women colleagues have a tendency to look at every task, assignment and plan ahead and organize things upfront and that helps them get ahead even before the task is begun.

A strong character and will are fundamental for success today. Several of my women colleagues, demonstrate both with ease and stand out for their mental strength & toughness.

I could go on and on, but must stop here, there are few women colleagues waiting for me in the room next door for my next meeting, I got to go – Women rule…let there be no doubt! J

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Women's Day, hollister is always their favorite, just like like a flower