Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Is the Apple iPhone strategy flawed? - Let me know your views...

I am trained to plan, think long term and have a more rounded view of things with the big picture in mind. This training has stood me good for some years now, but there is still a chance that I may be a bit off the track here, nevertheless!
The top 4 platforms that everyone seems to agree upon as the more popular ones are Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows. Of these 4 platforms, at least 2 are more or less proprietary and supported by individual organizations – Apple & RIM. Windows has been trying to take a more open view of things and has been trying to extend its footprint, but the marquee names in the mobile devices world haven’t yet embraced Windows with open arms, at least the numbers do seem to suggest so.

[Last 3 months, 56% of smartphones sold were on Android, Apple – 28%, Blackberry – 9% & Others – 6%]
What RIM’s Blackberry experienced early on is what I believe Apple – iPhone is currently experiencing in terms of consistently increasing sales revenues and a largely uncontested market share. But in the long term as competition heats up, would Apple be in a position to compete with say something like Android which is not one organization, one model but tens of organizations and hundreds of models sold by many providers. As far as conventional wisdom goes, the odds are definitely stacked against Apple, but like has been in the past we just need to wait and watch. Would Apple be in a position to shake up the humungous growth in the spread of Android as a platform? Should Apple really look at proliferation of its technologies to more partners and to the rest of the ecosystem that can help make it a multi organization, multi model sort of platform? What are the lesson’s Microsoft is learning from all of this?
My training tells me Apple could be given a run for its money and eventually brought down by something like Android. Time will tell though. If I am proven wrong, blame it on my training, beware my trainers are watching…err… reading.

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