Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Indian Cricket team - # 1 in the world?

While most of the people would want me to not draw the conclusion as yet, but being an impatient man that i am , i feel its not too early to say and write this. The Indian cricket team over the past 3 weeks has demonstrated that it can barely stand up to strong opposition on the field of play. The sad part has not been the defeats, but the manner in which these defeats have come and also the fact that there has barely been a fight back.

A team that prides itself in being different than the Indian teams of the 90's and the early part of the last decade could hardly live up to it. The big names were hardly able to make an impact, the batsmen who are known to hold the best of the records were struggling and looking a sorry figure in front of the bowlers.

The questions then is this Indian cricket team the worlds no 1 team in tests largely because of 2-3 individuals whose failures is costing the team now? Time to think? May be we should not be celebrating after all!

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