Monday, March 07, 2011

08th March is special, Women's day!

08th March is special, Women’s day!

As a person who works with young professionals, and fortunately many of them women with high aspirations, it’s heartening to see the kind of progress that we have made as a nation in the last 2 decades. A large part of the credit should go to the development women have had in terms of education, access to opportunities. The services sector has played a much larger role in this development and understandably so. From the fearless, cycle riding school girls in Bihar to the tech savvy professionals in Bangalore this progress in varied forms and intensity is visible everywhere around the country.

A much oft repeated insight that I carry and go around telling people is the clear leverage that women have in terms of mental strength and multi-tasking that has not only been proved by almost every single one of them I have worked with to date but I believe this in itself would go on to open several new avenues and opportunities for women to seek the goals that they set for themselves.

Life can be tough with the kind of juggling that young professional women have to make between work and home, but the ease with which many of them are able to do this without batting an eyelid, is not only commendable but serves as a role model behavior and benchmark for many of us.

Closer home, of course I have my own personal experiences of seeing my younger sisters who are strong individuals and my better half who does a commendable job of balancing work and home and more importantly a bigger challenge of managing yours truly so well J

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