Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shahrukh Khan detention @ Newark, US

Most of us who have travelled to the US post 9/11 understand the importance that is attached to security procedures.

I find the whole Shahrukh Khan episode a major blow up by the media and it now appears more a circus than anything else for the sake of entertainment. The only concern in the whole episode is that it took 2 hours and Shahrukh wasn’t allowed to speak to his friends over the phone during the 2 hour long ordeal.

I have had a firsthand experience of being in the same(?) room at Newark, as Shahrukh many years back when it was my first trip to the US. The whole questioning took 10-15 minutes and was a fairly smooth affair.

Let’s not blow these incidents beyond a point and make the whole thing a ego trip for a Superstar (did I miss the word “Global”…err.. sorry Shahrukh King Khan).

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