Monday, April 10, 2006

My birthday celebrations!

Why do we celebrate our birthdays? Ever wondered why people ask us to treat them with food and drinks on our birthdays?

I never celebrated my birthday till the time I went to college (10+2). Earlier it used to be a small, homely affair with my family and I used to look out for the nice things mom would cook for dinner. The celebration began with may be a small prayer (till the time I was old enough to resist and have it my way) and ended with a nice sumptuous dinner – mostly non vegetarian. Not sure how we became non vegetarian when our ancestors were all vegetarian – well nice subject for another article!

The birthday celebration in college was more to emulate others than anything else, well ok it was also to impress that beautiful girl whom I (and 25 others) liked. On one of those birthdays I invited her and a few other friends. She never came there; we waited for almost an hour and towards the end had to gulp the cold drinks and the cake ourselves.

After that I don’t remember celebrating my birthday and its been many years since that incident. Now the celebration starts with ……hmm….hmm…well nothing, it ends with a drunken stupor. The next day you pick up your stuff and get going – work, home wherever.

The essential element of life now is - Just keep walking (sometimes running too!)

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